is a non-profit organization with the purpose of  fostering interest and promoting knowledge of minerals, gems, fossils, and earth sciences.

We conduct:

  • regular meetings
  • informational programs - guest speakers, videos, slide shows, demonstrations, classes
  • workshops*
  • annual gem and mineral show
  • field trips
  • rock swaps, auctions
  • ​annual dinner meeting

Withlacoochee Rockhounds

of Hernando County, Florida.

We are affiliated with the "Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc." and the "American Federation of Mineralogical Societies".

geology, mineralogy, gemology, paleontology



Hernando County, FL


  • rock, mineral, and fossil identification
  • rock cutting, grinding, polishing, and cabbing
  • sliversmithing
  • wire wrapping and chain making
  • jewelry making



Withlacoochee Rockhounds

PO Box 5634

​Spring Hill, FL 34611-5634