of Hernando County, Florida.

Appointed Positons

Withlacoochee Rockhounds
Board of Directors

  • Anthony Maffatone - club officer
  • Michael Steverson - club officer
  • Janet Wheeler - club officer
  • Melodye Steverson - club officer
  • James Roush - appointed
  • Roger Wheeler 
  • ​Leslie Newberry
  • Ralph Barber- past club president

President:                      Anthony Maffatone

Vice President:             Michael Steverson
Secretary:                      Melodye Steverson
Treasurer:                      Janet Wheeler

2024 Withlacoochee Rockhounds Officers


Educational Chair                   Janice Wojcik
Newsletter editor:                 Michael Steverson
Webmaster:                             Michael Steverson

Newsletter distribution:      Michael Steverson
Program Coordinator:          Michael Steverson